Tribute to Charlie Mariano


Charlie Mariano was the first real world musician and has shown the way to many artists after him. In the seventies, Charlie came to Europe, where he influenced almost the entire Jazz scene, his alto saxophone harking back to the origins of Jazz itself. Having played with Charlie Parker, D.Gillespie. and Charles Mingus, he was the last word when it came to Jazz and an inspiration for European musicians over many years.  Thus it is a pleasure and a privilege for us, to publish Charlie´s compositions as free PDF - files

Time after time we will publish more and more of Charlie Mariano's compositions as sheet musc through this page. All documents / sheets will be in PDF file format.

Charlie Mariano war der erste wirkliche Weltmusiker und hat für viele nachfolgende Künstler den Weg gezeigt. Seit den 70er Jahren lebte Charlie in Europa und hat fast die gesamte Jazzszene beeinflusst. Als hervorragender Altsaxophonist war er die direkte Verbindung zu den Ursprüngen des Jazz, hatte mit Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie und Charles Mingus gespielt, war die letzte Instanz, wenn es um Sachen Jazz ging.